It’s a stat…and that’s that! – Emerging Markets Asset Flows*

This week we are featuring a few stats from our recently published Q4 2018 Emerging Markets Equity and Emerging Markets Debt surveys.

Emerging Markets Debt

  • Over the last quarter the Emerging Markets Debt universe saw net outflows totalling just over $3.43bn, meaning the universe has now seen 3 successive quarters of negative asset flows.
  • Over the whole of 2018 $3.12bn was withdrawn from the Emerging Markets Debt universe.

Emerging Markets Equity

  • Over the last quarter the Emerging Market Equity universe saw net outflows which totalled just over $7.36bn, after 3 successive quarters of positive inflows to start 2018.
  • Despite no vehicles achieving positive or breakeven returns in 2018 the Emerging Markets Equity universe saw $4.13bn of positive inflows over the year.

*Based on asset manager data populated in CAMRADATA Live @ 31st December 2018.