CAMRADATA enables free access to Diversity & Inclusion data ..

CAMRADATA enables free access to Diversity & Inclusion data as the Asset Owner Diversity Charter is now up and running

More than 78 asset managers have submitted responses to the CAMRADATA Live database, in support of a questionnaire focused on D&I – Diversity & Inclusion – as part of commitments by signatories to the Asset Owner Diversity Charter.

This data is available to both Charter signatories and asset managers via the CAMRADATA Live online database.

Responses received by the end of June 2022 will be included in the 2021/22 reporting year data.

Further responses after the end of June this year will be counted towards the 2022/23 reporting year.

The Charter now has 21 signatories representing over £1.6 trillion in assets under management or advice. Additional signatories are expected before the end of 2022.


Helen Price, Head of Stewardship at Brunel Pension Partnership Limited, and Co-Chair of the AODC Working Group responsible for the development of the questionnaire, said:

“The Charter is a commitment by signatories to work together to build an investment industry which embodies a more balanced and fair representation of diverse societies.”

“This is achieved through three core commitments. Firstly, by embedding diversity, equity and inclusion into manager selection, ensuring it forms part of the scored criteria, and that data disclosure is part of investment management agreements. Secondly by incorporating it into ongoing manager monitoring. And lastly, through leadership and collaboration to identify best practice.”

“To support the adoption of these commitments, we developed a diversity questionnaire. All signatories will require this from their managers on an annual basis. Some have started using this as part of manager selection, and that will continue to grow.”

“The questionnaire itself will deliver greater transparency and help drive standardisation. Ultimately it and the Charter reflects asset owners’ aspirations to see diversity balance at all levels across financial services firms.”

Dame Helena Morrissey, Chair at the Diversity Project, a veteran of the investment management industry championing industry D&I development, said:

“There’s a lot of things that firms don’t even get to understand. They launch into ‘we must have special initiatives, we must have programmes, we must do mentoring’. So, take the time before you rush to come up with a programme to really understand the problem that you are trying to solve.”

Natasha Silva, Managing Director Client Relations at CAMRADATA, said:

“The data captured in the Asset Owner Diversity Charter will be made available to all asset owners  for free, as the purpose of the data is to encourage moves within the broader asset management industry to foster diversity and inclusion. Additionally, asset managers who wish to complete the Charter can do so within CAMRADATA Live, at no cost.”


To hear Helen Price, Dame Helena Morrissey and Natasha Silva discuss the objectives of the Asset Owner Diversity Charter, including the questionnaire, click here:

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