CAMRADATA, established in 2003, provides institutional investors, including pension funds, insurers and consultants, with data and analysis to research and report on their investments. We enable these investors to conduct rigorous, evidence-based assessments of more than 5,000 investment products offered by over 700 asset managers.

We’re proudly independent and built on clean data, so you can rely on our results. Richer data and better reporting, will help you make more informed decisions. You’ll get smart search and selection, so you end up with the right products that you need.

In January 2023, CAMRADATA was acquired by With Intelligence, the leading provider of investment intelligence for allocating, fundraising and business development. CAMRADATA and With Intelligence are very complementary, bringing tremendous decision-making power to institutional clients across traditional and private markets.

For any further information please contact a member of the team at info@camradata.com