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Manager Research

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The Knowledge Bank provides access to all the latest news, insights and thought leadership within the investment industry.

CAMRADATA provides asset manager research, thought leadership, video content, and in-depth investment analytics all in one place. To gain access to CAMRADATA Live please login or register. To find out more please contact us at

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CAMRADATA Live allows institutional investors, investment consultants and wealth managers to explore a vast amount of data very specifically, allowing assessment of over 5,000 investment products, covering over 250 asset classes offered by 700+ asset managers.



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Diversity Project

Diversity Project

As part of Punter Southall Aspire, CAMRADATA is proud to support the Diversity Project.

As a group, we embrace and celebrate diversity and inclusion in all its forms. We bring together different perspectives from different walks of life and we encourage each employee to learn from one another sharing views, ideas and experiences. As a result, our workforce is eclectic, innovative and dynamic with a more rounded, richer way of thinking that can only build on our core values; simplicity, flexibility and innovation.

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