Barnett Waddingham recently used the CAMRADATA Assisted Search service to establish universes for ESG-related funds so we can add value for our clients. The database has excellent coverage of managers and products, and the information is summarised in useful standard reports. Particularly convenient is the way CAMRADATA acts as a buffer between us and the investment managers and is able to answer many of their questions independently. This helps reduce the communication burden when establishing potentially large universes where a significant number of managers are engaging. The help we received throughout was prompt and attentive. CAMRADATA gave useful advice in how to compose the initial request. We would be happy to use the service in the future.” – David Lewis, Barnett Waddingham

“I have taken part in several roundtables over the last 18 months and this was the best orchestrated by far” – Investment Director, UK Consulting firm

“Just a note to say thank for organizing the panel and having me on it. I found the full group discussion super informative, especially hearing how the consultants were thinking about things. I think you picked a great format so much success to your future events” – Portfolio Manager, Global Asset Manager

“The CAMRADATA virtual roundtable went really well, as well as the live events, which was quite surprising! It was informative and interesting, and I know our Fund manager enjoyed being a part of it” – Business Development Manager, UK Asset Manager