Assisted/Advised Searches

Through search and analysis, we make things personal.

Assisted Searches

Smart search selects and connects investors and consultants with the right asset managers.

We’ve got a track record of delivering the right information that makes the right matches – all at no cost to institutional investors.

Run anonymously, assisted searches are aided by the team here at CAMRADATA resulting in a custom universe unique to the investor along with additional unbiased reporting.

Advised Searches (for Insurers and Charities only)

This new service will enable insurers and charities to search and connect with asset managers using CAMRADATA Live, with the additional benefit of being able to use experienced investment consultancy firm, PiRho Investment Consulting to assist them and provide investment advice.

When investors use the Advised Search Service, PiRho is able to provide support at each stage of the process.

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