‘It’s a stat… and that’s that!’ – Three years gross annualised performance ranges as at 31st December 2019 on just some of the asset classes available in CAMRADATA Live…

BondsThree Year Returns (annualised)*
Global Broad Bonds (USD)1.6% to 13.1%
UK Broad Bonds (STG)1.0% to 6.5%
US Broad Bonds (USD)3.2% to 7.9%

EquityThree Year Returns (annualised)*
UK Equity (STG)-0.5% to 19.9%
European Ex-UK Equity (STG)4.0% to 13.7%
US Equity (USD)-2.2% to 29.9%
Emerging Markets Equity (USD)1.3% to 22.3%
Global Equity Core (USD)-0.5% to 26.9%
Global Equity Growth (USD)-3.4% to 38.5%
Global Equity Value (USD)-1.8% to 22.7%
Japan Equity (YEN)3.3% to 14.4%
Pacific Ex-Japan Equity (USD)8.5% to 17.4%

Multi-AssetThree Year Returns (annualised)*
DGF Cash + 3% to 5% (STG)0.4% to 10.9%
DGF Cash + 5% to 7% (STG)-4.7% to 6.7%

*Three years to 31st December 2019

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