It’s a stat…and that’s that! – Highlights from our 2019 Asset Manager Survey


Asset managers were asked how they expect interest rates to move in the UK, Europe and the U.S. The results showed that:

  • In the U.K. opinion was split. Predictions ranged from a 25bps fall in interest rates up to a raise of 50bps. The majority of managers predicted either no change in the interest rate or a small rise of 25bps.
  • In Europe over 70% of manager surveyed predicted there will be no change in the interest rate.
  • In the U.S. over 80% predicted that interest rates will rise, with almost 50% of survey respondents predicting a rise of over 50bps


Managers were also asked how optimistic they were about global financial markets over the next 12 months. The results showed that:

  • The majority of managers surveyed were neutral towards the Global market (excluding the UK)
  • Over 60% of managers are pessimistic about the U.K. market heading into 2019.
  • Less than 10% of respondents had an optimistic outlook for the U.K. financial market
  • The majority of managers surveyed were neutral towards the European market (excluding the UK)
  • Managers surveyed were slightly more optimistic regarding the U.S. market with over 75% of managers surveyed having a neutral or positive outlook
  • Managers surveyed were most optimistic about Emerging Markets with over 50% of responses
    reflecting this


Thank you to all managers who took the time to answer the survey!