UK Fixed Income – Gilts – UKFIG07042022

Deadline: Wednesday 13th April 2022

A UK Financial Mutual Insurance firm is working with CAMRADATA to run an Assisted Research across Global Equity strategies.  This is with the purpose of reviewing their management charges in order to determine whether to make changes to their current allocation. All funds being proposed must be listed in CAMRADATA Live and returns must be up to date i.e. to 31st December 2021.

Please note: WE NO LONGER ACCEPT QUESTIONS OVER EMAIL. Please post any questions regarding this search onto the CAMRADATA Live ‘Assisted Searches Forum’ and we will endeavour to answer these as quickly as possible.

Assisted searches are run on behalf of institutional investors with specific search requirements.

DeadlineWednesday 13th April 2022 
Asset ClassUK Fixed Income – 10year Gilts (or proxy duration bucket) 

Management Approach


Pooled Fund

Performance Target
No specific requirement 
InformationPlease provide the fee that would be applied for this type of investor for this mandate size for a pooled fund 
Mandate Size£40 Million 

To submit a fund please email us at