Thematic Cyber Security ETFs – TCS240222

Thematic Cyber Security ETFs – TCS240222

Deadline: Wednesday 2nd March 2022

A UK life insurance asset manager is using CAMRADATA Live to specifically create a buy list for thematic ETFs / and or pooled funds – in this case – the Cyber Security Theme. All funds being proposed must be listed in CAMRADATA Live and returns must be up to date i.e. to 31st December 2021.

Please note: WE NO LONGER ACCEPT QUESTIONS OVER EMAIL. Please post any questions regarding this search onto the CAMRADATA Live ‘Assisted Searches Forum’ and we will endeavour to answer these as quickly as possible.

Assisted searches are run on behalf of institutional investors with specific search requirements.

DeadlineWednesday 2nd March 2022 
Asset ClassGlobal Equities 

Management Approach
 Open to all investment processes, this may be entirely active or a systematic / quant approach or indeed a hybrid of both. Of equal importance is attention paid to risk management in a more illiquid, smaller cap and niche part of equity markets – this would include scoring systems for position sizing, management of capping position sizes given UCITs requirement etc. Open to processes that partners with industry experts, given domain expertise but full transparency is required on incentives and conflicts. If a partner has helped in construction of the benchmark, further detail is required on all aspects of this. 


UCITs, daily dealing

 Open to bespoke benchmarks but transparency required as per above. Otherwise Nasdaq Cybersecurity Index or NYSE FactSet Global Cyber Security Index or equivalent. 

Size of potential mandate

£20-30 million
Performance TargetN/A 

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