Real Assets – REA021

Real Assets

Assisted Research REA021

Deadline: Tuesday June 15 2021

A UK Wealth Manager is using CAMRADATA Live to source Infrastructure/REIT strategies to meet details specified below. If you would like to put a vehicle, or a number of vehicles, forward for this search then you must contact me with the name of the vehicle(s) that you would like to propose by Tuesday 15th June 2021.   

All funds being proposed must be listed in CAMRADATA Live, and returns must be up to date i.e. to 31st March 2021.

Please note: WE NO LONGER ACCEPT QUESTIONS OVER EMAIL. Please post any questions regarding this search onto the CAMRADATA Live ‘Assisted Searches Forum’ and we will endeavour to answer these as quickly as possible. 

Assisted searches are run on behalf of institutional investors with specific search requirements. You are able to participate in this and all other Assisted Searches if you subscribe to CAMRADATA Live.

DeadlineTuesday 15th June 2021
Asset ClassReal Assets
Performance TargetFlexible – strong preference for strategies that are more defensive vs FTSE EPRA NAREIT
StructurePooled Fund – UCITS daily dealing
Size of potential mandateFact find at this stage
Track recordWill consider GIPS compliant track record longer than 3 years if not available in the UCITs fund

Other requirements
TBD but in separate account range
Track RecordNo specified minimum but the longer the better (or experience years of team if only short track record of strategy/fund available)
Any other restrictionsWe are looking for pure plays on Digital/Data Infrastructure. Strategies where this is less than ~50% of the strategy are not what we are hoping to find. We appreciate there are some diversified Infra/REITs which might have some of these exposures but this would not be appropriate for the search  
ExtrasPlease send any additional material to support

To submit a fund please email me at