Liability Driven Investment Solutions – LDI060223 – Deadline 28th Feb 23

Deadline: Tuesday 28th February

A UK Consultant specialising in advice to the trustees and sponsors of small UK pension schemes mainly under £50m, is running their annual search with CAMRADATA for Liability Driven Investment (“LDI”) solutions. The most successful managers will be buy rated and form the roster of funds to be used for new LDI mandate searches that the consultant is appointed to conduct over the next year. All funds being proposed must be listed in CAMRADATA Live, and information and returns must be up to 31 December 2022.

If you would like to put a pooled fund solution for this search, then you must, in the first instance, contact us with the name of the fund (or range of funds) that you would like to propose, with detailed information to be available. Successful managers will be invited to present on Tuesday 14 March 2023.

Please note: WE NO LONGER ACCEPT QUESTIONS OVER EMAIL. Please post any questions regarding this search onto the CAMRADATA Live ‘Assisted Searches Forum’ and we will endeavour to answer these as quickly as possible.

Assisted searches are run on behalf of institutional investors with specific search requirements.

DeadlineTuesday 28th February
Asset ClassInstitutional LDI funds. Suitable for UK defined benefit pension Schemes.  Funds open to new investors.
StructurePooled Account
Other requirementsPlease ensure to complete the additional excel file when submitting your fund(s).

Please email to submit your fund(s).