Defensive Multi Asset (Tobacco Free) – DMA0419

A UK consultant is running an assisted research exercise on behalf of a charity client.

At this stage the exercise is being run to ascertain whether the following requirements can be met by a manager. It is for research purposes only at this point in time.

The client is seeking a defensive multi asset fund that is / can be run on a tobacco free basis.

The allocation to this will be in the region of £5m – £10m if an allocation is made.

If you are proposing a vehicle, at this point it does not need to be listed on the CAMRADATA Live database; we would like to be informed of the vehicle / its track record/ how you are defining tobacco free (it would be informative to learn of how you can accommodate this request, so please outline this aspect).

Please provide details of your capability by close of play on Tuesday 16th April 2019.