Climate aware / Real estate capabilities – CAREC070422

Deadline: Monday 25th April 2022

A UK Consultant is working with CAMRADATA to run Assisted Research for Climate aware / Real estate capabilities. All funds being proposed must be listed in CAMRADATA Live and returns must be up to date i.e. to 31st March 2022.  

Please note: WE NO LONGER ACCEPT QUESTIONS OVER EMAIL. Please post any questions regarding this search onto the CAMRADATA Live ‘Assisted Searches Forum’ and we will endeavour to answer these as quickly as possible.

Assisted searches are run on behalf of institutional investors with specific search requirements.

DeadlineMonday 25th April 2022 
Asset ClassReal Estate 

Management Approach


Pooled (open ended or closed ended) 

Other Requirements
  – Strategy must go beyond ESG integration and it must be climate-aware as a minimum. Can include refurb strategies as part of managing properties with income producing tenants.  The sort of climate strategies we are looking for are those which explicitly (ie as part of their investment objective) are looking to align with, or contribute to, the Net Zero transition ahead of 2050.
 – Yield / Return expectations: return target of 6-8% per annum, with the majority of this coming from income.
 – Liquidity: for open ended, typically monthly but can be quarterly.
 – Geography: either UK only or global preferred – please confirm.
Performance TargetN/A 
Size of AUM of FundIdeally £500m 

Please also complete and submit along with your fund entry the excel document here 

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