Mar 2018

Income Investing Roundtable

M&G Investments, 5 Laurence Poutney Hill, London

Income Investing – Diversifying assets in the pursuit of income

A sustained era of ultra-low interest rates, against a backdrop of low government bond yields has led to investors stepping up the hunt for yield.

This hunt has increased the array of asset classes being considered and in tandem has caused  those asset classes that historically have offered a reliable income, to become more expensive due to increased demand.

Some investors have looked to take on more risk to lock into a healthy income and so yet again we see that investors who are seeking to generate a healthy income in 2018 will once again have a challenge on their hands.

Although many income funds state they provide yields of 4-5%, the question is whether these funds are able to maintain and can continue to deliver this level of return, and whether there are actually other types of income investing asset classes that investors should be considering as well.

CAMRADATA’s Roundtable will focus on the opportunities offered by income investing and investigate what the future holds for this and alternative asset class, both in the current macroeconomic climate and going forwards.

M&G Investments, 5 Laurence Poutney Hill, London