Sep 2019

Emerging Markets Roundtable

Amundi Asset Management: 41 Lothbury, London EC2R 7HF

A world of new possibilities

Flammable polyester garments, pot holed roads, cheap plastic toys, corruption…these were the thoughts that may have sprung to mind in the past when we thought about emerging markets.

However, the facts we now know about emerging markets are staggering…it is also noticeable that more billionaires are being created in emerging economies than their developed counterparts – surely a sign of opportunity?

With most of the world’s population housed in emerging markets, most of which are very rapidly becoming “consumers”, we are probably on the cusp of a high octane new industrial revolution on a scale the world has not yet experienced.

It could be said that emerging market countries are better positioned today to withstand increasing funding costs of debt as a result of improved external imbalances and a more stable debt profile. Furthermore, public debt levels in some emerging market countries could be said to look more favourable when compared to developed markets.

Rising wage growth, a large concentration of the Millennial population, access to higher-quality education and technology are creating a new consumer market driven by mobility and connectivity…CAMRADATA’s roundtable will seek to unearth how emerging market are becoming masters of their own fate and how best to enhance these opportunities across the equity, debt and small cap spectrum.

Amundi Asset Management: 41 Lothbury, London EC2R 7HF