2nd Edition Insurance Asset Manager Directory announced!

Following the release of our first directory this year, a large number of managers approached us, all wanting to be included in our next edition. Meanwhile, insurance firms asked if we could also provide league tables showing how managers were managing monies for the insurance market. Rather than wait until next year, we decided to press ahead and launch the 2nd edition before the end of the year. So here it is…  As well as giving you high-level, detailed information on over 180 insurance asset managers around the world who manage insurance monies, we now provide you with asset manager rankings on a large number of key asset classes invested by US insurance firms using CAMRADATA Live.

CAMRADATA Live is available free of charge to all US insurance firms, particularly those individuals involved in the investment analysis, manager research, performance monitoring, etc. at these organisations. If you do not already have complimentary access to our online asset manager database, then please register here. With one simple move, you can start enjoying the many benefits that membership of CAMRADATA Live provides.

We hope you find our latest publication useful. Ultimately we work for your industry, and we want to add real value. We are always happy to hear from you about things you like and areas for further refinement. As always, we greatly appreciate your support. To receive further information about CAMRADATA please contact us at info@camradata.com