ON BEHALF OF EVERYONE AT CAMRADATA, we are pleased to announce the winners of
the prestigious CAMRADATA Awards, now in their seventh year. No one could have predicted
that this would coincide with a world pandemic – but in a situation where everyone has had to
demonstrate adaptability and resilience, we are excited to acknowledge and celebrate the topclass
performances of these asset managers and their strategies.

There are 86 Winners and Runners-Up Awards across 38 asset classes, comprising bonds,
equities and multi-asset. Featuring new managers and those that have consistently
outperformed every year, these provide a fantastic reference for institutional investors.
Although we were not able to present the awards face to face, we are proud to announce that
CAMRADATA’s 2021 Awards are sustainable, and that we have planted a tree to celebrate the
incredible achievements of our award-winners and runners-up.

CAMRADATA has been gathering, analysing and distributing asset manager data to institutional
investors since 2003. We continue to provide valuable insight on asset managers and their funds
to a growing number of institutional investors, including pension schemes, insurance firms,
charities, wealth managers and investment consultants.

A big congratulations to all the winners!