Our US insurance push

This week the Lens gives you an update on business here at CAMRADATA, where the focus has been very much on the US insurance industry following a December 2020 strategic partnership formed with Insurance AUM. The partnership allows us to distribute global asset managers’ information to the US insurance market. 

Through this new strategic partnership with Insurance AUM Journal, we now have an increased market exposure within the US insurance market with AUM of certified subscribers totalling $3.8 trillion across 2,000+ contacts.

Also, in the past week we have delivered two webinars – one to US insurers and one to global asset managers.

Insurers will be using CAMRADATA Live to assign mandates, complete their manager research and review asset classes. The purpose of the webinar was to show them how to do this.  This is the first time this type of tool has been made available to the US insurance industry and will help revolutionise their investment research process.

In addition, we are launching a Directory of Insurance Asset Managers on the 30 April 2021 for US insurers, so that they can view at a glance who provides relevant services and their key firm details – please register on our website to receive further information on this.

The second webinar was for asset managers where we detailed how they could make their capabilities available to US insurers, by submitting qualitative and quantitative information at the firm level and across strategies via our online platform CAMRADATA Live.  The key is here is ensuring information is visible and up to date.   

The Lens is very excited to be connecting the US Insurance market with global asset managers and we look forward to updating you on our progress throughout this year…

Insurance AUM