Make diversity and inclusion count: CAMRADATA urges asset managers to prove progress

Investment analysis specialist CAMRADATA is responding to growing demands from institutional investors by urging asset managers to demonstrate how they are making diversity and inclusion business as usual.

With 750 asset managers overseeing in excess of 5,000 vehicles on its database, CAMRADATA is building on the advances it has already made as a prominent voice in the investment industry’s Diversity Project.

As investors seek a more nuanced understanding of how the investment industry is approaching this challenge, CAMRADATA is asking every manager to include D&I data to provide investors with the tools to assess their progress more accurately.

Managing Director Natasha Silva said: “We’ve evolved by offering the right kind of information investors ask for and that means going beyond one-dimensional, basic numbers.

“By including a set of diversity and inclusion questions within CAMRADATA Live, asset managers can turn words into actions that can be measured. Investors are increasingly asking for insight into the values that underpin the development and attitude of their potential advisers and want to see visibility of stewardship.

“We’ve seen the Me Too and Black Lives Matter movements create real cultural, social and political change. This is where the asset management industry can play its part by being transparent about how it is responding to the way the world is turning.”

Questions for asset managers such as: Please outline how diversity and inclusion is included within the leadership, retention policies and culture of your firm; including how it is incorporated into objectives for leaders and is performance linked to compensation, have now been posted on the user website.

This latest development comes as CAMRADATA launched a new environmental, social and governance section with its database last month.