What to do when life gives you lemons

On the evening of 23rd March 2020, when Boris Johnson announced the UK lockdown, a team member of the Lens who lives alone says it felt morbid and daunting. Her only comparable experience, she says, was gleaning from dusty history books about life during WW2.

Yet some month’s in and our Lens blogger reports some positive aspects.

Firstly, health. Suddenly, there is time to cook from scratch, take daily walks outdoors and perform general exercise. And topping it all – hello! Where did that 30 days of yoga just come from? Apparently, 25% of us are now regularly working-out at home, which compares to 15.6% in the world BC (Before Covid).

Next there’s work. It’s a funny thing, says our colleague, but she’s never been more grateful to be this busy. Working seems to block out negative thoughts that can stem from feelings of uncertainty (magnified when living alone) and particularly as less fortunate friends become furloughed. Moreover, working from home generally appears to result in a lower level of stress and – hello boss! – certainly no dip in output, neither from our team member or other colleagues.

She insists that a happier mind leads to greater productivity and says it’s down partly to the absence of the commute, and to being surrounded by the home.

It’s been revolutionary. Even the colleagues and office jokes that are missed can be partly compensated for with video calling.  

“So, what I’ve learnt so far,” says our formerly morbid millennial, “is this: When life gives you the most bitter of lemons, you just make lemonade!”