Covid-19: Let’s not forget the lesson we’re learning

Like most people, thoughts about coronavirus are constantly in our minds here at The Lens Blog. It feels like an eternity now since this began. And, of course, it’s not just the thinking; it’s the reading, hearing, watching. It’s the following of news from around the world as we try to keep up to speed with the whereabouts of the virus – and the grim watching of the daily death toll.

Covid-19 has caused so much devastation and pain. It has affected each and every one of us to varying degrees and in such a short space of time. The virus has disrupted our lives, elevated mental health and stress issues, had a dramatic impact on our businesses and working lives, and the prospect of painful economic disruption has amplified our personal worries. In less than three months coronavirus has changed our whole way of life.

But through all of this it has taught us how to properly communicate again. Lockdown has given us back the community spirit that at times seemed to be lacking in society. It has shown us that we can unite as businesses, communities and as a nation, and be strong. We can all learn and benefit from the many great examples of selflessness and love that The Lens, and indeed many of us, have seen during our continued time in isolation.

We still wait for the first glimpses of normality to reappear. When they do, let’s hope we do not forget the many serious adverse effects from covid-19 and that we remember the positive aspects we learned as it changed our lives. Let’s make sure that we continue to build on those, growing our sense of community spirit, being friendlier and being a more grateful society, whether it is in our social lives or our working ones.