CAMRADATA offers additional insight and analysis to support investors. consultants and asset managers during Coronavirus crisis

CAMRADATA, a leading provider of data and analysis for institutional investors, has ramped up its content, insight and investment analysis, to give asset managers and investors access to the latest market information during the Coronavirus pandemic.

CAMRADATA is supporting asset owners, consultants and asset managers during this challenging time with the following resources:

  • Additional thought-leadership articles in the Knowledge Bank on CAMRADATA Live and a dedicated Covid-19 News & Features section on its on-line market-leading publication, Funds Europe’s website
  • Expanding its investment directory of managers with more information about each asset manager and how the vehicles they manage are performing
  • Providing direct access to a webinar channel covering a vast range of topics within the investment industry.
  • Weekly newsletters looking at how asset managers are operating in the current climate
  • Working closely with clients and investors to produce up to date investment research reports for different asset classes
  • Adapting other parts of the business, including Funds Europe which is now available as an on-line digital publication
  • The Lens Blog – weekly blog posts focussing on insights, experiences and shared industry knowledge, all put into sharp focus by our team of bloggers.

Sean Thompson, Managing Director, CAMRADATA said, “The Coronavirus pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the global markets, which has seen every major asset disrupted and global stocks set for their worst quarter since the financial crash in 2008[i].

“We are seeing an incredible amount of investment analysis going on, as well as research into how asset managers are performing, which will influence investment decisions in the future. More than ever, investors need access to up-to-date information and insight so they can make informed investment decisions during this difficult time.

“Our asset manager clients are working hard to provide extra content for our Knowledge Bank, and we are providing asset owners and consultants with some of  the most robust investment information and analysis tools in the market, as well as providing them with  direct access to up to date thought leadership and to webinar recordings on a range of investment topics, giving investors one place to go for all their research needs during this crisis.”

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