It’s good to talk

Given how much our lives have changed in the past two weeks, the Lens wishes to reflect on a few positives.

The air around the world is cleaner and the streets less noisy; families are being forced to spend time with each other; and local shops are seeing a resurgence in demand and becoming a focal point of communities because they are more likely to stock items that big supermarket chains run out of quickly.

We can draw some optimism about out current condition from these factors.

Why say all this? Simply put, at a time of heightened anxiety, framing the crisis like this is good for mental health.

Keeping mental health awareness prominent has become more important to the business where the Lens works over the past year – and thank goodness, because now is where the infrastructure is needed.

Starting in April, the business will focus on one mental health topic each month. These are them:

Month Focus topics
April Stress
May Sleep
June Doing good does you good
July Exercise
August Take a break
September Healthy eating
October World mental health day
November Financial wellbeing
December Relationships

In some months we might do nothing more than send out an email discussing the topic. In other months we’ll do more.

But the best thing we can do (and will do) is encourage the sharing of personal stories as we plough through this time together. It’s good to talk.