Timing the market is the mantra

The Lens is back on the road with stops in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Australia and Oman as it hosts roundtables, presents report research, moderates panel discussions and of course, speaks to the experts on the ground.

While Asia makes advances, global headwinds ranging from the US-China trade war, a global economic slowdown, a rising US dollar environment and protectionism to name a few, staying nimble and timing the market is the investment mantra.

But the Lens has also noticed a seismic – and vitally important – permanency in the way in which the investment community’s narrative has shifted.

Today, no conversation is complete in investment circles without mentioning environmental, social and governance, or ESG. The Lens has been fortunate enough to meet with c-suite executives, chief economists and portfolio managers with each of them discussing applying ESG criteria to investment decisions in diverse ways, demonstrating that it is being carefully considered at all levels as an integral extra-financial tool.

Given that the climate and ecological crisis is time-sensitive, instead of recruiting hundreds of people and reinventing the wheel, managers are striking partnerships with leading companies to access the minds of engineers. This financial innovation is helping clients to align their portfolio with sustainable capital to not only help them realise healthy financial returns, but a thriving planet.