Sustainably capitalising on creativity

The Lens has been closely following developments in responsible investing as global events – from tens of thousands of fires raging in the Amazon (the ‘lungs’ of the planet), to California and Africa – push it to the top of investors’ agendas.

Indeed, the head of policy at the International Chamber of Commerce in Brazil, Gabriella Dorlhaic, declared the fires are not just a social issue, but a business one too. Both investors and society are taking note of their responsibility, albeit at different paces.

While tackling blazes in the Amazon may not be in a direct course of action for investors, limiting global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels is.

The Lens is fortunate enough to converse with investors around the world to ask what they are doing to pass a world worth living in onto future generations. There is little doubt that both asset owners and managers are taking their jobs seriously.

What’s more, there is an intricate beauty in the details of their action, from increasing renewable energy capacity, to storing it in batteries to power our cars and homes, to opportunities for using real estate as a local and micro generator for energy. There is little doubt that when combined, creativity and capital can deliver sustainable outcomes for the very schoolchildren around the world who demand better from us and whose voices can no longer be ignored.

As the investment community thinks about the impact of actions ever-more holistically, the promise of delivering a cleaner and greener future where everybody is swept along looks brighter than ever – but mitigating complacency and risk and taking bold investment decisions must not be underestimated.