Information to rely on

In a world of almost limitless information it is often difficult to find quick and easy access to information that can be relied on. The recent report by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) concluded that trustees of pension schemes are often denied access to clear information when receiving investment strategy advice.

The CMA obviously thinks that it is vital for pension scheme trustees – being responsible for trillions of pounds worth of investments and the retirement pots of millions of people – to easily and freely access clear and independent information on their investments.

Past performance, peer group reporting, and performance rankings are therefore extremely useful tools that trustees can utilise to analyse the performance of their investments. This year on CAMRADTA Live we have already seen pension scheme trustees and investors within the insurance industry set up custom universes across a range of asset classes. This allows them to receive regular investment analysis, ensuring that they can monitor performance far more closely, as well as benchmarking their own schemes against the performance of their peers.

Some examples of the more popular asset classes we have seen monitored include LDI funds, Global Diversified Growth funds, Emerging Markets Equity – All Cap and Global Loans.

Hopefully opening the financial advice services market will ensure trustees are able to get better value for money. CAMRADATA is one source of information that investors can utilise for free to research and compare asset managers on over 250 different asset classes.