Emerging Markets – Join the conversation


The Lens is looking forward to attending the CAMRADATA Emerging Markets seminar this week where no doubt discussions will be flavoured strongly by recent stock and bond sell-offs.

Primarily sparked by the US-China trade dispute, there are numerous other factors behind current turbulence. In fact, the timeliness of the seminar could hardly be better, with Argentina seeking to strike a new bailout agreement with the IMF, and as Turkey confronts stagflation.

Observe also how the strengthening dollar that led to a spate of currency sell-offs saw the Indian rupee dropping to an all-time low against the greenback. At the same time, the CSI 300 dipped by 1%.

A stronger dollar coupled with rising US interest rates is uncovering weaknesses in both emerging markets and global economic health.

What this all shows is that whichever way the compass is pointing, there are choppy trade winds causing investors to decide between making a light touch on the tiller, or a full swing hard over.

The long-term emerging market case persists. It never went away. Yet a conversation is needed.

If you want to be part of the conversation, then see further information about the seminar that takes place this Thursday.