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Industry Perspective

CAMRADATA’s investment research provides a range of industry level surveys looking at key institutional asset classes. The surveys provide simple to understand analysis on the key dynamics of an asset class such as; How are assets changing over time? Who is gaining market share? An essential tool for investors, consultants, product managers, marketers and industry commentators.

Target brand opportunities

The surveys are distributed quarterly to institutional investors and consultants free of charge, providing asset managers with the opportunity through sponsorship to align and build their brand alongside key asset class such as diversified growth funds and DC default funds.

Tailored Market Research

Asset Managers are able to purchase an annual subscription to the research which will provide them with the research with their key products and assets plotted on the analyses saving many hours of market research time. Whether for internal market research or charts to be published in external marketing material or RFP’s the CAMRADATA research allows you to add value rather than crunch data.

Independent and Impartial Data

All investment research reports are created using data from CAMRADATA Live, the same data used by consultants and investors for their manager research and selection purposes. No subjective analysis is added as the independent numbers speak for themselves.

Investor Research Reports

Our investment research reports are surveys of a select number of asset classes that we see being invested in by institutional investors, including pension schemes and insurance firms. Each report provides a deep dive analysis into the asset managers and the specific asset class being reviewed.  

There are currently 6 investment research reports available focusing on the following asset classes:

Fixed Income

Multi Sector Fixed Income – Absolute Return
Emerging Markets Debt


UK Equities
Global Equities
Emerging Markets Equities


Diversified Growth Funds

Sample Report

Diversified Growth Funds

DGF Market Survey


Contact us to receive these reports.

These reports are free for institutional investors - login to CAMRADATA Live to see the most up-to-date investment research.

For asset managers who would like to subscribe to these reports and/or have their product(s) highlighted for marketing purposes please contact us now.


Our reports are aimed at institutional investors. They are intended for research purposes only and do not offer any advice on investments.


This report provides analysis for one and three year periods on some of the CAMRADATA universes that we see being invested in by the pension and insurance markets.

The report is produced to help institutional investors to monitor investment portfolios and asset management sales and marketing teams to review market performance.

Our reports are aimed at institutional investors. They are intended for research purposes only and do not offer any advice on investments.


Asset Returns Report

Quarter 2 - 2017


CAMRADATA conducts a bi-annual online survey of asset managers, investment consultants, pension schemes and insurance firms.

The purpose of the survey is to better understand the thoughts and opinions of each group on a number of topics including but not limited to:

  • Asset Allocation
  • Asset classes being considered
  • Key issue impacting investment decision-making
  • Asset inflows
  • Movement of interest rates
  • Outlook of financial markets

It is not meant to be a statistically robust, scientific study but the survey does provide a current insight into some of the views of the individuals involved in the investment decision-making process from the pension and insurance communities.


Investment Considerations 

Survey Report 

Sept 2017


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